For global enterprise, small business, hospitality and 1000 location franchises; host your phone system in the cloud.

SIP Trunks

Unlimited and metered SIP trunks for retail, enterprise and wholesale customers.

SIP Termination

Pay only for your outbound calling minutes. Unlimited trunks / call paths. No monthly trunk charge.


Inbound DID's from the USA, Canada and around the world available.

SMS enabled DID's

Receive SMS messages sent to your VOIP line on a SIP phone or messenger. Wholesale and retail.

Toll Free Numbers

800 / 888 / 866 / 855 and 844 numbers and services


Manage your own Toll Free carrier routing and features with RESPORG Service from the industry leader.

POTS Lines

We offer Plain Old Telephone Service to volume customers who may have multiple locations around the country.

Local Service T1's and PRI's

Digital T1's and PRI's for combined Long Distance and Local Service.

Long Distance T1's and PRI's

Long Distance T1's are still required for legacy phone systems and special applications.

Cellular Telemanagement

Tel4less' team of experts will audit your company's cell phone and cellular data needs, provide you with all the phones, tablets, IoT devices and carrier plans. We do the work for you.

Dialer Traffic

Telemarketing, pollsters and political campaigns need short duration termination. You need it. We have it.