Dialer Traffic

SIP Dialer Traffic and Rate Decks

Telemarketers, Notification Services, Political Campaigns, Emergency Services and Collections Services are some examples of Dialer Traffic applications.

Tel4less represents carriers that specialize in dialer traffic.  In order to give you the best rates possible, your traffic will be analyzed and put in to very specific categories in order to give you the best matching rates without risking a rate plan change. Dialer customers are notorious for trying to beat the system. We encourage dialer traffic customers to be as open and forthcoming as possible because ultimately, that will lead to a rate deck offer that's not only appropriate for your traffic, but will satisfy you and relieve you from playing games to try and get a good rate.  You'll get  great rate !  Our dialer termination providers break down traffic in to more granular offerings than most carriers in order to give you the best rates possible for your termination profiles.

You have dialer traffic and need appropriate termination.Tel4less has the dialer rate decks you need.  For a quote, please send us all of the following information:

  • Your current average cost per minute
  • Names of any carriers currently in your routing
  • Average cost target if you have one
  • A sample CDR
  • Call completion rate
  • Average Call Duration
  • Dials per second
  • Current call traffic minutes per month
  • Projected call traffic minutes in one month if you plan to increase traffic

If you are just starting traffic, please state so and give us your best forecast.

Due to the nature of dialer traffic customers,  Tel4less will not respond to those requesting quotes without providing ALL of the above requested information.

Questions ?  Please contact Tel4less for answers.