Internet of Things - Turnkey IoT Solutions

Tel4less has teamed up with experienced IoT industry leaders in order to bring your company complete IoT solutions for all kinds of applications using the latest sensor, software and network technologies available for standardized and custom IoT applications and solutions.  Need a solution for tracking, monitoring or securing your assets ?  Give us a call. We can IoT just about anything and integrate the data in to new or existing software platforms that allow you to easily monitor, manage and control your assets, respond to alarms and analyze data for planning.

Here are a few  IoT applications we can help you with, to name a few. 

IoT Refrigeration Monitoring

With IoT automation hospitals, restaurants and grocery stores can save up to $2,000 per year per refrigerator, improve reliability, eliminate logging labor costs and practically eliminate the risk of stiff fines for incomplete logs vs manual temperature logging.

Location, Communication and Security for Transportation, Fleet and Trucking

Track the location of trains, buses, trucks, cabs and other fleet assets anywhere, all of the time.
Communicate via satellite and cellular options.

Protect your fleet from theft and vandalism by installing motion activated cameras and recording capabilities.

IoT for Oil, Gas and Water Pipeline, Plant and Refinery Monitoring

IoT sensors are available for all types of temperature, pressure, flow and humidity which can collect and transmit data via cellular networks, satellite, wireless and terrestrial networks.
  • Monitor remote pipelines.
  • Keep an eye on refinery plant operations.
  • Monitor, transmit and collect data from oil and gas wells operations.
  • Track equipment and assets.

Monitoring for Boat and Marine Applications

Most sinking accidents occur while your vessel is unattended. We can help you make sure your boat is safe and dry and alert you in case of a problem.

Bicycle, Scooter, Quad and other Recreational Vehicle Tracking for Ride Sharing and Rentals

Do you operate a ride sharing or recreational vehicle company and need to track the whereabouts of your vehicles ? Ride share companies often need to shuffle around scooters and bicycles that have been dropped off to other locations to assure availability. It helps to know where they are and how many. We can help you know exactly what is where at all times.