Outsource All or Part of your Telecom Procurement and Management

Tel4less offers Business Telemanagement in various degrees.

Complete Corporate Telemanagement and Technology Expense Optimization

If your company's monthly telecom spend is currently $75,000 and up, you may want to look at outsourcing all of your telecom auditing, procurement, contracts management, network design, ordering, order tracking, installation, billing, invoice tracking, auditing and payment to one reputable and experienced source. Tel4less' corporate telemanagement partners are service integrators and reps for a plethora of telecom providers, including all major network providers and many others as well, giving them the ability to bill you for services directly with one bill or pay bills on your behalf to all of your providers.  

Free up your IT team from the procurement process so they can focus on solving internal problems.  We don't just source and manage technology for you.  We find, integrate and manage competitive providers that immediately save clients around 20% on average going forward in the first year. That's Technology Expense Optimization.

  • Guaranteed Result - Save your business more than the cost of using TEM software and services or refund the difference.
  • ProvenResults - Over 5000 happy clients.
  • Experienced - More than 25 years in business.

Our telemanagement team offers their own proprietary Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software to clients. TEM software integrates telecom inventory and billing in to one platform where companies can manage all of their telecom spends in one place. However, our TEM software goes way beyond the usual with powerful additional features others just don't have including:

  • Dynamic inventory management
  • Service level invoice auditing
  • Embedded exception resolution tools
  • Multi-level invoice allocation
  • Proactive contracts management
  • Custom workflow integration

We will start with an in-depth conversation, review and audit of your past and current telecom expenses where we may obtain refunds for your company for potential past over-billings and solidifying a plan for moving forward.

Would you like to see our TEM demo ?  Give us a call, and we'll be happy show you what TEM can do for your organization.

Partial Corporate Telemanagement and Technology Expense Optimization

Some corporations may wish to retain certain tasks related to their telecom management. For example, your company may have 500 franchise locations around the country, and your company just need phones and Internet at each location from one single provider, but for now, you don't need anything else. We can do that, too.

Tel4less can work with you at any level you desire.  It all starts with a conversation.

We have other telemanagement options for smaller companies.  Let's review your requirements and see how we can meet you needs, simplify your business and reduce costs going forward.

Cellular Voice, Data, Mobility and IoT Telemanagement

Does your company depend on cell phones and mobile devices for business connectivity and continuity ?  Tel4less' team of experts can manage your entire mobility portfolio. Experts will analyze your company's cellular needs and keep you up to date with the latest phones and technology on the most cost effective carrier plans for your needs, adapting them over time as necessary to stay cost effective and keep you productive.  We do all of the work for you FOR FREE so you can concentrate on business.

If your company has 5 cellular devices or more, we can manage your cellular needs.  If you're a large corporate telemanagement client, we can integrate cellular telemanagement in to your TEM management portfolio.

See our Cellular Telemanagement page for more details.

Contact Tel4less today to get a conversation started today.  It's free to talk, and it may save you a bundle.