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Save on water bills. Pay for what you actually use.
Did you know that as much as 15% or more of the total volume flowing through your water meter is air ?  You pay for the total volume.  Did you just realize your company may be paying for air and getting charged as if it's water ?  That's right !  You probably are, and the water company never pointed that out, did they ?

One of our vendors manufactures an exclusive patented valve that compresses air before it travels through the water meter, assuring that you're getting charged almost entirely for water, not air. It's placed inline in the water main just ahead of the water meter. Companies can cut their water bills significantly.  If you're company is a

  • Golf Course
  • Hotel
  • Homeowners Association 
  • Soft Drink Manufacturer
  • Brewery
  • Farm
  • Any industry that uses lots of water 
This is definitely a product you want to take a look at.  The valve has a money back guarantee, and your biggest risk is having to pay for the installation and removal pluming.

Contact Tel4less today for a proposal that includes an estimate of your potential savings and ROI. Why wait ?  It just takes a few minutes of your time to get going. All we need from you to generate a proposal is the diameter of your of water main and at least one months water bill.