LED Lighting

Replace your old incandescent and florescent lighting with LED lighting and save 75%+ on electricity. Converting normally pays for itself immediately by covering the monthly financing expense, plus some.

Did you know that LED’s convert on average, 50% of energy into light, in comparison to incandescent at a tiny 4% ? This means that 96% of your electricity goes to heating the bulb, resulting in higher energy costs, shorter life due to heat degradation and higher indoor HVAC costs to keep your facilities cool.

LED Lighting Applications

  • Industrial
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Decorative
  • Streets 
  • Walkways
  • Parking Lots
  • Bridges
  • Infrastructure
  • Spot Lights

RFQ's for LED Lighting; New Construction and Lighting Upgrades

Tel4less is partnered with several LED lighting industry leaders giving us a national service footprint so we can help just about any company, anywhere, with new construction LED lighting or lighting conversions. No project is too large or out of the ordinary. We will have our partners perform site surveys, analyze your new LED lighting requirements, RFQ's or your existing lighting facilities and make proposals or bids for you, help you figure out your ROI and estimate continued savings beyond ROI, all at no cost to you. You pick the best proposal and implement it. Financing is available to help you on your way. In most cases, the reduction in electricity and HVAC expenses covers the monthly financing payments and then some.

Are you wondering if your company can afford to update their lighting ?  We say you can't afford not to, and we make it easy! 

Lighting as a Service (LaaS)

One of our vendors has taken the net-zero LED conversion cost model a step further by adding in complete support and maintenance. They will replace any broken lighting, fixtures, wiring, etc. that is needed during the maintenance contract as a covered cost, and it will still likely be a net-zero conversion cost to you.  After an intial term of 5 years, you own the equipment and have the option to renew the Lighting as a Service contract at a lower cost. You don't necessarily even need to call for maintenance as the provider can remotely monitor lighting, receive alerts when a fixture stops working and proactively dispatch a truck roll.

Looking for additional energy savings for your building ? Check out our Intelligent Building and HVAC Control Systems, competive energy providers and more.

Contact Tel4less today for new construction bids or to see how we can help you easily upgrade your properties to highly efficient, low maintenance and more reliable LED Lighting.

About LED Lighting

Light emitting diode’s (LED’s) have become the solution for most. Studies have proven that with the proper replacement fixtures and implementation, over 75% of your lighting expense will be eliminated. LED’s eliminate any mercury found in CFL’s and incandescent, average over ten years of use, and minimize maintenance support. In addition, LED’s have no “warm up” period, eliminating the additional strain on your HVAC system, and provide a cleaner more reliable lighting source. 

The question arises: If LED’s are so great why has there not been a 100% market conversion? Some have viewed the capital expense too costly for the long term savings. Others have had a negative experience with LED lighting going out and manufacturers not backing the original warranty. Some simply do not view it as a priority. Here is our response: We will find a solution that works within your budget but does not cut on quality. We can do this through a lease, through savings, or through a capital purchase. 

Tel4less partners will look for the little things that can eliminate warranties, such as the infrastructure being properly grounded, loose wires, and proper removal or bypass the ballast. We understand everyone needs to run a business. Our team makes this process turn key. We can perform our installation after hours or on weekends. We have a minimum 5 year warranty on any lighting components provided. We also ensure the equipment arrives safely, our team members are fully insured, and no mess is left behind. Better yet, we have solutions that can provide a 2-3 year ROI to the customer.

Don't leave your company's money sitting on the table. Outdated, inefficient lighting is taking precious dollars away that your business is working hard to earn daily. Why not do something about it? We are here to help!