POTS Lines

Plain Old Telephone Service or POTS lines are still widely in use and are practical and even necessary for some applications.  They are often the only solution in some situations.  POTS lines are highly reliable. Legacy alarm panels and fax machines still work best over POTS. Tel4less offers POTS lines to volume customers who may have multi-locations as part of a complete voice telemanagement package.  

Whether you need 20 lines or 2000, Tel4less partner vendors  specialize in installing multilocation POTS lines and/or VOIP lines to give you local phone service at all of your locations with just one bill at about the same  average cost as purchasing all of the lines yourself from each of the local phone companies.  We take the headache out of managing local telephone bills from tens or hundreds of phone companies. We can supply local POTS lines virtually anywhere in the US and Canada. Tel4less only offers POTS lines as part of a group of at least 20 lines of POTS and / or POTS plus SIP VOIP combined. The SIP minimum is lower.

Typical customers are regional and national chain stores such as gas stations, retail apparel, restaurants, convenience stores as well as governments, oil and gas industry, alarm companies, banks and more.

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