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Give your customers and easy way to remember you with a Vanity Toll Free number.

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800 numbers actually come in 844, 855, 866, 877, 888, 800 and international prefixes. They are delivered over four types of facilities:

SIP Trunks 

Toll Free service delivered over SIP trunks cuts out the middle man. Tell4less offers TF SIP trunks that do not require a terminating DID.  They are pointed directly to your PBX or switch.  This 800 service has unlimited inbound call paths and you pay by the minute for usage. This is the least expensive way of buying 800 service and the fastest to set up.

Hosted VOIP

Service is routed to any hosted DID line or trunk group.  The local telephone company get's a cut for terminating the call so this service costs a little more.

Switched Toll Free Service

800 Service numbers can be routed to any existing analog POTS lines like the one you might have in your home or business.  The local telephone company get's a cut for terminating the call so this service costs more.

Dedicated T1 or PRI Toll Free service

Toll Free numbers can terminate on long distance only T1/ PRI's or on local service T1/PRI's.  The T1's or PRI's can be one-way, inbound only facilities or two-way facilities that allow incoming and outgoing calls. A local service T1/PRI is a switched service so, just like POTS lines, you pay more when you route a Toll Free number to a local service T1 or PRI because your local telephone company is taking a cut for passing the call through their local service switch.  

Toll Free Features

There are many toll free features the average user doesn't even know exist, but call centers use many of these features all of the time. They include:

  • Time of day routing
  • Day of the week, day of the year routing
  • Geographic routing
  • Geographic blocking
  • Percentage allocation routing
  • Overflow routing
  • Emergency routing
  • Backup RESPORG
  • Multiple carrier routing
  • DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service)

Custom Toll Free Vanity Numbers

Vanity numbers or custom numbers are as popular as ever, can have significant monetary value, and a good vanity number is a great way to help your customers easily remember your telephone number. There are unscrupulous brokers that will charge you big dollars just to see if a vanity number is available, but you can check all the numbers you like in seconds yourself, for free, right here.  Once you find a vanity number that you want, come to Tel4lss and we'll be happy to acquire it for you.  If you get an ambiguous or indeterminate search result, contact us.  Sometimes TF numbers are abanoned but for whatever reason may not have been released back in to the pool.

Can't wait ?  Want a working Toll Free custom vanity number right now ?

Search, identify and have your custom vanity number on the air in minutes here !  Available in the USA and Canada. Outstanding rates from Canada, Alaska and Hawaii.

ITFS International Toll Free Service

ITFS is a great way to give your business a toll free, 800 number presence in another country and have those calls routed to your business in the USA, Canada or anywhere in the world.  ITFS international toll free numbers are available in more than 25 countries. Law firms, medical, travel, shipping and banking related companies are popluar users of ITFS.  Contact us to help you find the best ITFS rates and solution for your company.

Toll Free Alarm Lines, Fax Lines, Modem Lines and Medical Emergency Lines

Analog data services using modems such alarm, fax and dial-up modem lines don't do well over IP-based telephone services. While IP may work to some degree, it's just not as reliable for modem data as good old TDM, which is the multiplexed digital signal your analog line is turned in to at the central office.  We offer TDM Toll Free services that minimize or completely eliminate IP in the call route.  Never use an IP-based TF service to carry alarm calls. It's not worth the risk, and it's illegal in many states !  We offer very cost-effective TDM services to alarm companies that place thousands of calls per day over 800 numbers without issues.  If you want the maximum analog data transmission reliability for fax and modem lines, too stick with a TDM Toll Free service.

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