Cellular Telemanagement

Cell Phone and Mobility Management for your workforce

  • Cell Phones
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Credit Card Processing
  • Tracking
  • Sensors
  • IoT cellular @ $10 / mo / device
  • Zero Usage data plans

Does your company depend on cell phones and mobile devices for business connectivity and continuity ?  Tel4less' team of experts can manage your entire mobility portfolio. Experts will analyze your company's cellular needs and keep you up to date with the latest phones and technology on the most cost effective carrier plan for your needs, adapting them over time as necessary to stay cost effective and keep you productive.  We do all of the work for you FOR FREE so you can concentrate on business.

Zero Usage Data Plans for Disaster Recovery

Customers only pay for the data consumed during an outage . They just pay the preset plan price for their level of consumption for that month. This eliminates wasted expenses that come with other plans!  $15.95 / mo for base plan, which includes up to 49 M of data and speeds up to 125 Mbps.

Cellular Networks for Internet of Things (IoT)

Tel4less can facilitate the use of cellular networks for IoT applications such as mobile credit card terminals, sensor monitoring, inventory, SCADA, thermostat controls, lighting controls, access controls, pipeline monitoring, environmental sensors, various types of switches and data monitoring.  We can create hybrid IoT network solutions and use other more cost-effective Internet solutions where available and even satellite where no other networks are available.

Newsflash!  We now have nationwide cellular IoT data plans for $10/device per month.

Cellular Networks for Disaster Recovery and Backup

Mobile voice and data networks can be deployed as a backup for your primary Internet and telephone service.  There are cost-effective plans available for this purpose.

If you have 5 or more mobile devices that you wish to manage, contact Tell4less today to get started.