MPLS or Multiprotocol Label Switching - is a cost-effective and secure any location to any location IP-based private networking data service that uses packet labels to identify paths to other network locations, avoiding the need for IP lookups. This speeds up the delivery of packets and lowers latency.  Labels are also used to identify the type of data being communicated so packet prioritization can be given to more time-sensitive applications.

MPLS is used to send any kind of data an organization may wish to keep private and prioritize time-sensitive data for maximum application performance and bandwidth efficiency.  VOIP,  video, LAN / WAN networking and transactional data are common examples.  Because MPLS is an efficient, private service, it can be more cost-effective when you have multiple locations that need to communicate with each other than installing numerous point to point circuits, especially when long distances and international locations are involved. MPLS serivce is priced similarly to Internet service and can be delivered over a variety of access technologies such as T1's or gigabit ethernet.  You buy the bandwidth desired at each location, and these locations are tied together to create your own private network.  

With Tel4less' plethora of providers portfolio, we can connect your MPLS locations around the globe. We even have providers that can give you tools to turn up and provision more bandwidth instantly as you need it.

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