Etherenet LAN / WAN

Metro Ethernet, LAN and WAN

Ethernet is a nice, convenient way of connecting to a network. Ethernet access availability varies by location, but is becoming the simple, preferred way to connect. Ethernet facilities are being built almost everywhere to bring ethernet connectivity to rural and metro environments alike. Some day, it will probably be almost as common as POTs lines once were. 

MPLS is usually at the heart of an ethernet network with the possible exception of some small native Metro Ethernet networks, but ultimately, if you're looking to buy a ethernet product instead of MPLS, then you're probably indifferent to what's at the core of the network that makes it work.  You just want to plug all of your locations in to an ethernet cable and let them all talk to each other as easily as devices on your company LAN.  We get that !

Regardless of what the underlying technologies are (Switched Ethernet, VPLS,  EPLS, Wavelength, EPL, ASE, EIGRP, etc.) Tel4less understand that if you're looking for ethernet network connectivity, whether it's Metro-E or an international ethernet connection, your goal is to keep it simple, and we can help you build an ethernet connected network to suit those needs.

Tel4less offers many ethernet access based products from many carriers to help you connect your dots worldwide or just around the block. Give us a call to design an ethernet network solution for your company.