Microsoft Teams with Voice

We've got simply the best enterprise version of Microsoft Teams with Voice on the planet.

What is Microsoft Teams with Voice ?

MS Teams with Voice is the ultimate Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). Microsoft Teams is a platform that combines workplace chat, voice, video, phone calls, meetings, notes, and attachments allowing teams of users located anywhere in the world to meet and collaborate together sharing files, data, ideas and communications . The service integrates with the company's Office 365 subscription office productivity suite, including Microsoft Office, and features extensions that can integrate with non-Microsoft products.  HIPPA compliant and even available in a DOD certified version, our version of MS Teams with Voice is suitable for the largest Fortune companies, defense contractors, banks, financial institutions, the medical industry and government agencies.

Communicate In The Moment

Chat in teams, one-on-one or in groups. Audio and video calls are just a click away. Notifications and chat history ensures everyone is kept up to date. Access Microsoft Teams on any device with confidence knowing it’s been built with enterprise-level security from Office 365. Give your team the information they need, right in Office 365. Chat,  content, and tools are all in the team workspace. File Storage, channels by project, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, or OneNote and more.

Customize for Each Team and Content Needs

Tailor your workspace to include the content and capabilities your  team needs every day. Tabs and Connectors provide quick access to frequently used documents, websites, and 3rd party apps.

Eliminate the need for on-premise PBX hardware and costly capital expenditures

The quick deployment time for Teams infrastructure translates into reduced time to market and enables you to benefit from the latest  technology with predictable and fixed monthly OpEx costs.

Why is Teams important to your business ?

According to Microsoft, "After less than two years in market, more than 329,000 organizations worldwide use Microsoft Teams, including 87 of the Fortune 100 companies. In fact, 54 customers now have more than 10,000 active users of Teams, and Accenture just crossed the 100,000 active-user mark in Teams. Further growth has been spurred by the recently announced free version of Teams." (Teams is free with an Office 365 subscription but does not include voice calling.)

Who has the best version of Teams for SMB to Enterprise ? Tel4less does.

Tel4less' Teams provider is the company that hosts the voice for Microsoft Teams with Voice.

Migrate your Teams to our version of Teams with Voice

We can take over your Teams accounts at no cost to you, even in the middle of a term, and provide you with US-based, white-glove support for free, and, for a fee, we have premier support available for heavy and/or sophisticated support users with complex needs.  Migrate your Teams and add voice today.

What sets Tel4less' MS Teams with Voice apart from everyone else ?

Postpaid Billing

Virtually all other certified Microsoft Teams Partners and Microsoft offer prepaid voice minute bundles.  Each trunk has a limited number of minutes in the monthly bundle.  Exceed that limit, and that trunk will be shut off.  Our version of Teams with Voice is postpaid, and so are minutes used above what's in your bundle.

Shared Trunk Option

This is a HUGE advantage. Tel4less' Teams voice trunks are available in a shared trunk model (as well as the standard per seat model). Neither MS nor any other Certified Teams Partner offers this. It means that instead of having to purchase a voice trunk for every Teams seat that needs to make voice calls, for a slightly higher trunk price, you can instead buy trunks that can be shared among all seats. If you have 100 employees with voice but only 30 of them max would ever be on the phone receiving or making outside calls simultaneously, you can purchase 30 shared trunk seats instead of 100. The shared trunk model can save businesses a tremendous amount of money.

Unlimited Inbound

Other Teams providers deduct both inbound and outbound calls from your bundled minutes. Our Teams offering has unlimited inbound calling. Only outbound minutes are counted towards your plan bundle, and customers are billed post-paid for overage instead of being shut off.

Voice Encryption

Our Teams with Voice product is from the only Microsoft Certified Teams partner who retains voice encryption end to end on every call. Other Certified Partners providing their own voice solutions in conjunction with Teams lose complete call path encryption.

7 Minute Provisioning

That's right. Our Teams voice service can provision new numbers in 7 minutes, including programming your phones. Who else has that ? Nobody. MS takes a week or more to set up Teams with Voice. Some companies take a month! There's also a customer portal for enterprise users that gives them the ability to add and provision new DID's and extensions and provision them in minutes.

Contact Tel4less today to migrate your existing Teams accounts or order new MS Teams with Voice service !